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Welcome to the world of wicker stories!

It is here, in Łętownia, in the little heart of the Polish wickerwork of the Podkarpacie region, that life intertwined with wicker and soaked in water has continued for generations. We decided that this place will not be a regular store blog, although we obviously wish to and will share with you what we...


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Discover Scandinavian style – where nature meets functionality
Scandinavian style has become a permanent part of our homes and has not turned out to be just another passing fad. It is an extremely and well thought-out way of interior design, where aesthetics, freshness and a natural look at objects come first. The philosophy of life creeps into the objects used in our homes. Let’s try to answer the question: what is so special about this style and what has enchanted so many Poles? Here are the characteristics of Scandinavian style interiors.
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How does the wicker grow?

“How beautiful!” exclaimed the girl as she opened the parcel brought by the carrier.  A moment earlier the door had closed behind the man and the huge package was waiting to be unpacked. She did not have to wait long, because scissors were already prepared in her little hands, and she was fidgeting around, wanting to start opening...

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Beloved pets

We love all pets and know how important their well-being is. Our company creates beautiful baskets for your little friends. Everything is made of high quality natural materials. We use only Polish ecological wicker. We also care about the comfort and safety of our four-legged friends. Each basket comes with a colourful, soft cushion that is sure to attract every sleeping lover...

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Hello, spring!

Who of us is not longing for spring? Who wouldn't want to chase away the clouds of smog from the horizon, to enjoy with impunity the crystal clear scent of the air, to feel it slowly seeping into your lungs, infecting you with the will to live, when the bad and dull winter will leave in a huff, and the lark will sing its song of farewell... Spring, come! 

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Let’s go shopping!

We are going shopping! No matter whether you love to walk through the supermarket shelves with a smile on your face, wander with childlike amazement through the vast expanses of the supermarket, always falling under the spell of promotions, or wander from shelf to shelf with a look of misery, trying to buy anything in a hurry, just to get out of the maze as quickly as possible - you'll agree with us that it's a ritual that is simply essential!

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Wicker.pl is more than an online store. It is a tradition and craftsmanship of many generations of the Lasowiak region.

It is a family dream that is being realized with a sense of purpose every day. It is the life of many of us who share the old craft of basketry to this day, weaving natural wicker utility and decorative products in many ways: the folk style and those enriched by the imagination, conservation technique, and skills of modern basket makers.

We are a married couple from a small village in Podkarpacie, Łętownia next to Rudnik nad Sanem. We live in the heart of the wickerwork district. We have lived here for generations, living the history of the area interrupted by the communist era. One day our dad envisioned resurrecting this old neighborhood creation. The local wicker greens in our fields as it once did. The local people are passionate about making a living from the wicker products sold in our store, just as their grandparents did. We have dedicated ourselves once again to wickerwork in its entirety It has now continued for 20 years.

The endless local wicker stories

The tradition of weaving wicker has existed in the area since the nineteenth century. Rudnik nad Sanem and the surrounding area are considered to be the Polish and European heartland of wickerwork. It was undoubtedly due to the contribution of an Austrian earl, Wilhelm von Hompesh, who after the death of his parents, came into possession of the local lands. He was the good spirit of the area - he decided to open the first wickerwork school in Poland which taught the inhabitants the complicated weaves. He also set up a collection point for products weaved by whole villages. By doing so, he ensured that the local community could earn their living, which is still remembered to this day.

This is how we were taught to weave wicker baskets, flower pots, wicker furniture, and other useful products that supplied wicker markets around the world. You can see them in the museum of wickerwork in the building of the former school and the beautiful wicker sculptures, the pride of Rudnik nad Sanem, and the entire area. Four wicker shops operated in the area. We are one of them, the former Jedności shop. The purchasing centers collected products from the residents and exported them to Europe and America. The wicker industry flourished and supported the entire area. Wicker furniture was particularly popular. Earl Wilhelm made wicker furniture popular among the aristocracy.

Today, wicker is back in vogue

In recent years, the popularity of wicker products and handicraft knowledge has been on the rise again. We are delighted to see this, we feel part of this awakening. Our online store wicker.pl, from the heart of wicker and Podkarpacie, offers a whole range of ecological, beautifully woven, classical, and modern wicker products. The assortment includes wicker shopping baskets, wicker bicycle baskets, wicker picnic baskets, wicker firewood baskets, wicker bakery baskets, woven wicker baskets for store displays, wicker baskets for the kitchen and table, wicker decorative baskets, beautiful wicker laundry and bathroom baskets, wicker trunks and chests, wicker children's baskets and wicker toys woven with passion for children, wicker pet beds, household and garden baskets, wicker handbags and woven gift baskets.

Our mission is to share our love for wicker

We dream that the local wicker tales remain vivid. We want to share our basketry craftsmanship not only through our products but also through the work of our hands, teaching the art of weaving that allows you to relax and connect with nature.

Visit our wicker store at wicker.pl