Wicker stories


Welcome to the world of wicker stories!

It is here, in Łętownia, in the little heart of the Polish wickerwork of the Podkarpacie region, that life intertwined with wicker and soaked in water has continued for generations. We decided that this place will not be a regular store blog, although we obviously wish to and will share with you what we are up to.

Wicker tales at wicker.pl are meant to be a chest of wicker inspirations, a place where the history of wickerwork in our Lasowiak region converges with modernity, passion, love for handicrafts, and design.

In our area, wicker is material as common as it is sacred

Almost all of us can weave. Almost every home or attic contains beautiful wicker products, some of which can be called artifacts, although many are still unaware of their uniqueness. The history of the Lasowiak people is the history of wicker which we have been reviving for several dozen years. We believe that wicker in its deepest sense has a mission we can call the service of life. For us, wickerwork is an extraordinary field: something utterly mundane, yet life-giving, nourishing, challenging, and beautiful. For us, weaving is much more than just a dying profession.

By creating wicker baskets and products for generations, from start to finish by hand, we want to share with you the passion, love, and beauty of weaving craftsmanship and thousands of wicker stories. Join us!