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Women's handbags made of wicker

Wicker doesn't have to be purely functional. For centuries, people have also used it to make aesthetic, decorative, and fashion products. Examples include Egyptian ornaments or flower pots that were used in our grandmothers' courts or houses.

At, apart from useful shopping baskets, you can find an original collection of hand-made wicker bags for women inspired by the fashion of the 20s.

Women's wicker bags are a unique and convenient addition to women's closet which matches any style! The combination of natural materials, beautiful weaving craftsmanship, and interesting designs give wicker bags a touch of timeless elegance.

We make wicker shoulder bags that are classic, debarked, and dyed in beautiful pastel colors. You will find wicker handbags with a flap and fine leather clasps, handbags with a wicker shoulder handle, and a leather strap. Our wicker handbags are available in different shapes and sizes.

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