Kitchen Baskets

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Wicker baskets for the kitchen and table

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where meals are prepared. Families gather around the warmth of the oven, sit at the table and observe with anticipation the magical process of transformation of semi-finished products.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The furnishings should highlight the naturalness and eternity of this place.

At you will find a wide range of products for the kitchen and table. From wicker trays with openwork finish, which are perfect for serving tea or coffee, through wicker bread baskets, wicker baskets ideal for pots and herb covers, wicker bread bowls, wicker fruit trays, round or square baskets ideal for serving appetizers, tall openwork wicker weaved baskets for baguettes, trinket bowls, wicker cutlery baskets, oval wicker table trays.

Our kitchen products are unique. We prepare them in various shapes and sizes, with a classic or modern finish.

Wicker trays have single or double handles, they can also be made without them. When decorating a kitchen it is worth choosing natural wicker bowls, saucers, and trays. They will enrich the served delicacies with a unique, natural character of a warm home. Weren't there wicker products in our grandmothers' kitchen?

Visit for wicker products for the kitchen and table. Enjoy your shopping!