Wicker bakery baskets

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Wicker bakery baskets

The taste of fresh bread is a memory that remains vivid since childhood. Delicious bread, crispy rolls, challahs with crumble, rolls with cheese and poppy seeds tempt not only with their taste but also with their lovely appearance. A bakery's success lies primarily in the quality of the product but it is also the way baked goods are presented to the customer.

We are aware of this and that is why at wicker.pl, we offer you beautiful wicker display baskets excellent for bakeries and bakery displays.

In our store's assortment, you will find dark wicker rectangular racks, large wicker bowls, wicker racks, and wicker bread boxes. We also offer wicker products woven to size to let every bakery, big or small, enjoy a unique, classic, and natural interior atmosphere. With wicker, your bakery and the fragrant bread will both encourage customers to make a purchase. All wicker baskets, wicker racks, and hand-woven bread boxes are made of natural American wicker grown in Poland which meets the consumer standards. We can sell wicker products for bakeries together with metal racks that match the size of the wicker crates and as stand-alone capacious baskets for the counter.

If you are planning to equip your bakery with bread racks, consider wicker products. We invite you to make your purchase. We guarantee the quality developed for generations.