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Wicker pet beds

Every pet owner understands the importance of providing space and proper nutrition for their pet. The happiness of our four-legged friends lies deep within our hearts. It is no surprise. We feel responsible for them and love them like family members. We look for the best pet beds bringing comfort for our four-legged companions and matching our interiors. It is also important whether we clean the bed which usually accumulates a lot of hair.

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Here you will find wicker dog beds and couches, wicker beds and woven couches for cats, cat kennels in various shapes and sizes: square and oval, wicker pet carriers, and wicker dovecotes. Our beds are luxurious and look like small stylish wicker furniture for cats and dogs. They come in different sizes, some stand on legs, and others take the form of wicker crates. Some include beautifully crafted upholstery but the cushions are easy to clean, wash or change. Luxurious wicker pet beds available at can take the form of a small sofa or a heart-shaped basket, woven with openwork trim.
Wicker products for dogs and cats are available in classic, whitewashed, or aged versions depending on your taste and the style of the room in which these beautifully crafted pet houses are to be placed.

Wicker dovecotes and baskets are perfect for transporting your pets. Browse the full range of wicker pet baskets available at