Bathroom Baskets

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Wicker laundry baskets and bathroom baskets

It is hard to imagine a bathroom without a laundry basket. Some house ladies place the laundry basket in the dressing room. Regardless of the location, a laundry basket is a piece of home furnishing that is essential to everyday life. Some people think about wicker laundry baskets when designing bathroom spaces. Large or small? Single or divided into several smaller boxes depending on the colors of the laundry? Others choose laundry baskets and hampers to match a specific interior. One of the more popular types of laundry baskets is wicker chests and wicker hampers.

At we offer a wide selection of wicker laundry baskets and hampers.

Our store's assortment includes dark brown wicker bathroom baskets, hemmed wicker baskets, decorative round wicker laundry baskets, large wicker open and closed baskets with a flap, wicker baskets with handles, wicker baskets without handles, large wicker laundry baskets in oval and square shapes. The products also come in a variety of colors such as white, made from organic wicker, natural and dyed, two-tone wicker laundry baskets, or laundry baskets aged in the manufacturing process.

Among the most popular items are wicker bathroom baskets in the shape of an oval high basket with a cover. They are available in our store in two colors: classic brown and Egyptian style, made with an openwork finish. You can find our full range of wicker baskets in the wicker laundry and bathroom baskets category.

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