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Wicker children's baskets

Childhood is a special time full of small pleasures, games, smiles, joy, and discovering what we, adults, have known for a long time. We want our products to be tailored to the needs of the youngest and bring them a lot of smiles and smart entertainment. It is important to us that wicker toys and baskets available at wicker.pl are safe, ecological, and durable.
From the time immemorial, mothers weaved baskets for their babies, today known as Moses baskets. They were a baby pram, a carrier, a crib, a cradle. Wicker was perfect for this: elastic, easily accessible, durable, ecological, odorless. It did not cause allergies and could be easily modeled and adapted in shape and size to the individual preferences of parents and children. This has not changed until today.

Our store offers wicker baby baskets, wicker toy storage baskets, wicker room decorations, wicker bicycle baskets for children, and wicker children's bags and backpacks.

All wicker products available at wicker.pl are made with special care. Wicker baby baskets are the apple of our eye. All wicker toys, wicker baby baskets, wicker toy storage baskets, dyed in white, pink, mint, or classic brown, are fully safe for children and adapted to their needs. Most of them are upholstered with fabric that fits perfectly in every toddler's room.

There is also a possibility of preparing individual wicker weaves according to your needs. Discover the full offer of wicker baskets for children.