Bicycle baskets

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Wicker bicycle baskets

If you plan a bicycle trip or a spring picnic on a meadow or by the river, it is worth thinking about a convenient way to transport drinks and snacks. There are many fabric picnic bags available on the market that you can easily mount on your bike frame or bike rack. We suggest stylish, classic, and comfortable wicker bicycle baskets. Wicker bike accessories are available in many sizes and will be perfect for both children's and adults' bikes.

We have enhanced our Wicker bicycle baskets with leather straps for an easy fit on either the handlebars or the bike rack.

Among our proposals, you will find wicker bicycle baskets for children tinted green, purple, white, and pink. We also offer slightly larger, classic picnic baskets with padding made of high-quality natural fabrics. Wicker bicycle baskets are available with a handle and a flap. It does not matter if you prefer organic, undyed offerings or bright white dyed baskets, all wicker bicycle and picnic baskets will be an excellent choice. A true highlight is the wicker bottle baskets with a unique internal compartment. Our online store includes a wide variety of products for you.

Enjoy a picnic like in the old days. Invite your loved one or family and take a comfortable, stylish wicker basket with you and pack it with everything you need for a good day out in nature! Enjoy shopping at