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Our headquarters and warehouse are located in Łętownia in the Podkarpackie province. We have been distributing wicker baskets and wicker products for over 30 years. The products we present in our store are bought from the local weavers and basket makers with multi-generational experience in the craft.
We strive to include the best quality goods in our offer. If you are interested in larger wholesale orders of wicker products feel free to contact us.

We work with over 300 basket makers across the wicker district.

Every day we work with great passion and heart to make sure each wicker basket, large or small, reaches your homes, stores, and bakeries, and meets the expectations and needs of the market. If you have any questions or want to commission us to make individual wicker projects please write, call, or visit us! Please feel invited!


Łętownia 454
37-312 Łętownia
woj. podkarpackie

tel:+ 48 (0) 17 250 38 38
tel:+ 48 (0) 17 250 38 48
fax:+ 48 (0) 17 250 38 58

NIP: 517-002-55-04