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With love for wicker - wicker.pl store

The history of wickerwork is the history of our region, our neighborhood, and our family. We love this material and products made of it. As the Lasowians, wicker and weaving are in our blood.

As wicker.pl online store, we have existed since July 2005, continuing and extending the activities of our family business that started in 1990. Starting as a small manufacturing company, we have developed into one of the leading companies in the wicker industry of the Podkarpacie region. We sell across the European Union through a network of recipients in different countries.

Our warehouse is located in Łętownia near Nowa Sarzyna. It is an office and warehouse complex with an area of 1500 m², logistically prepared to serve our customers. We also have our own drying room and a professional boiler for painting and brewing wicker. Thanks to cooperation with hundreds of basketmakers, we maintain stock and guarantee quick processing of orders.

Taking into account the rich assortment and to maintain a high standard of service, we have introduced division into thematic groups within our Trade Department. We employ competent advisors who offer professional advice and assistance in choosing goods.

In our store you can find wicker products in the following categories:

Category: Shopping Baskets
Category: Picnic baskets, Bottle baskets
Category: Litter baskets, Newspaper baskets, Umbrella baskets
Category: Bicycle baskets
Category: Firewood baskets
Category: Garden Baskets
Category: Baskets for Pets
Category: Toys and Baby Baskets
Category: Gift baskets
Category: Display baskets, Wicker boxes
Category: Wicker Trays, Bread Baskets
Category: Laundry baskets, Wicker trunks
Category: Flower baskets
Category: Decorative baskets, Wicker lampshades
Category: Wicker mirrors and furniture
Category: Wicker fences and mats

The division into categories enables precise defining of orders and their thorough completion ensures harmonious cooperation, both within the company and in contact with our business partners.
The dynamic development of our company proves our professional approach to customers, realization of even the most individual orders, and above all, the high quality of our products and competitive prices.


We invite you to shop and cooperate with us through the B2B model.