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Wicker firewood baskets

Evenings by the bonfire in the garden, long winter afternoons by the fireplace, a summer cottage heated by a stove. It is a dream scenario for many. Some are fortunate enough to have a fireplace at home and enjoy the blissful warmth and the soft voice of burning rings. The aroma of wood sap brings blissful relaxation and adds warmth. Fireplace owners know best how important the logistics of getting wood to the fireplace are. To avoid unnecessary clutter and give the interior a warm and pleasant atmosphere it is worth placing a decent wicker firewood basket next to the fireplace or a stove to keep firewood always at hand in one place.

Large, capacious wicker firewood baskets are suitable for both indoors and garden.

You can successfully use them to carry wood to the bonfire. Homemade wicker firewood baskets can also serve as beautiful furnishings: upholstered in natural, light-colored fabric they add charm and warmth. Garden wicker firewood baskets have a rougher feel and are larger and more capacious. Wicker firewood baskets at wicker. pl come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will easily find great suggestions matching the style of your home interior and your garden.
Among the suggestions of wicker firewood baskets, you will find oval wicker firewood baskets, square wicker firewood baskets, wicker chest baskets, and wicker baskets with two or a single handle. They can be tall or lower, more portable. For greater needs, our store's assortment also includes mobile wicker baskets with wheels attached allowing you to easily move large amounts of firewood from place to place.
Wicker brings a unique atmosphere to your home and garden. All wicker baskets are hand-woven and made with passion. The wicker used to make our products is a natural Polish material. It can be hewn or aged. It can be dyed to give it a more distinctive, darker look.

For the lovers of bright rustic interiors, we have white wicker firewood baskets trimmed with a beautiful fabric. See our full range of wicker firewood baskets.