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Wicker trunks and chests

Some of the most beautiful home interior products include stylish, classic chests and trunks, perfect for storing blankets, toys, or other household items and trinkets that you do not wish to display in visible places. Some wicker trunks and chests have a seat or table feature. On the one hand, they are capacious and multifunctional containers, on the other hand, they serve a decorative and aesthetic function. They add incredible warmth and charm to our interior creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. Although the most popular chests and trunks are made of wood, wicker chests and trunks suggestions are no less popular. Hand-made weaves give them a timeless and artistic character.

At wicker.pl you will find a wide selection of beautiful, hand-woven wicker chests and trunks

Our wicker chests range in size from large, brown, closed wicker toy chests, oval wicker chests in natural color, wicker chests with whitewashed lids, and hemmed wicker chests that add lightness and beautiful finishing touch. Some wicker chests also offer a seat feature. Wicker trunks and chests can be used to store toys, linen, and bedding. They also make great laundry containers. Some models include cushions adding a perfect finishing touch to the wicker styling.

Interiors with wicker, classic aged, or bleached wicker trunks and chests gain unique character and fill the house with warmth. Visit our shop at wicker.pl