Household wicker baskets

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Household wicker baskets

A household without a wicker basket is hard to imagine. Carrying potatoes and wood, mushroom picking, or cleaning up autumn leaves all require handy, capacious, and lightweight baskets. In our opinion, nothing is better than household wicker baskets.

At online store you will find a range of handwoven, durable, utility wicker baskets, ideal for garden activities and outings into the woods.

We offer fishing baskets made of classic wicker for carrying on a shoulder, baskets with one or two handles, sturdy and deep round baskets made of thick wicker, shallow profile wicker baskets, fireplace baskets for wood made of non-barked, classic, and dyed wicker. All wicker baskets available at are Polish products. They are weaved by hand, in the wickerwork region in Podkarpacie. We guarantee the highest quality and durability of wicker products.

Our wicker household baskets are made using traditional weaves but we also use the latest designer weaving trends. You can buy products in two versions, namely a classic edition or hemmed with natural canvas and jute. Your garden will gain an amazing character and our wicker products will enrich and facilitate household and farm work.

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