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Decorative wicker baskets

Decorating a house is always a great challenge. The character we choose to give it will translate into the hours we spend there and what our children and perhaps grandchildren will remember of it. The selection of items when decorating a house is extremely important. In Europe, Poland, Scandinavia, and the Slavic countries, it was believed that only natural items, such as wood, leather, and wicker should be used in homes. It was thought to bring good fortune, because in magical thinking, natural items were able to absorb the energy of their owners and share it for generations, with all future visitors to the house.

These beliefs are reflected in many interior design styles. We are no strangers to Scandinavian hygge styles, the Polish nobility manors, and the classic German palaces.

They all feature wicker products similar to those we remember from our grandmothers' cottages. Wicker products are ideal for furnishing living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. They have a natural charm. They are simply beautiful. Made of natural, ecological American wicker, wicker baskets, wicker flower pots, wicker chests for toys or clothes, wicker suspended lanterns, wicker woven openwork ornaments, wicker flower pots lend a character of timelessness, airiness, and family warmth. At wicker.pl you will find several proposals for wicker products.

Discover our assortment of wicker chests and baskets, wicker flower pots, and other wicker products for the living room, bedroom, and hall.

Wicker products available in our store are weaved in the wicker district near Rzeszow. They delight and decorate the interiors of Polish homes and interiors all over the world!