Welcome to the world of wicker stories!

It is here, in Łętownia, in the little heart of the Polish wickerwork of the Podkarpacie region, that life intertwined with wicker and soaked in water has continued for generations. We decided that this place will not be a regular store blog, although we obviously wish to and will share with you what we...


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Discover Scandinavian style – where nature meets functionality
Scandinavian style has become a permanent part of our homes and has not turned out to be just another passing fad. It is an extremely and well thought-out way of interior design, where aesthetics, freshness and a natural look at objects come first. The philosophy of life creeps into the objects used in our homes. Let’s try to answer the question: what is so special about this style and what has enchanted so many Poles? Here are the characteristics of Scandinavian style interiors.
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How does the wicker grow?

“How beautiful!” exclaimed the girl as she opened the parcel brought by the carrier.  A moment earlier the door had closed behind the man and the huge package was waiting to be unpacked. She did not have to wait long, because scissors were already prepared in her little hands, and she was fidgeting around, wanting to start opening...

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Beloved pets

We love all pets and know how important their well-being is. Our company creates beautiful baskets for your little friends. Everything is made of high quality natural materials. We use only Polish ecological wicker. We also care about the comfort and safety of our four-legged friends. Each basket comes with a colourful, soft cushion that is sure to attract every sleeping lover...

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Hello, spring!

Who of us is not longing for spring? Who wouldn't want to chase away the clouds of smog from the horizon, to enjoy with impunity the crystal clear scent of the air, to feel it slowly seeping into your lungs, infecting you with the will to live, when the bad and dull winter will leave in a huff, and the lark will sing its song of farewell... Spring, come! 

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Let’s go shopping!

We are going shopping! No matter whether you love to walk through the supermarket shelves with a smile on your face, wander with childlike amazement through the vast expanses of the supermarket, always falling under the spell of promotions, or wander from shelf to shelf with a look of misery, trying to buy anything in a hurry, just to get out of the maze as quickly as possible - you'll agree with us that it's a ritual that is simply essential!

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Gift baskets from WickerPL

Dear customers, recently we have been receiving more and more requests for wicker gift baskets. We are pleased to inform you that in order to meet your expectations we have extended our offer with these very products. You can find then on our website in the ‘Gift baskets’ section. We offer a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours...


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Pet baskets – beautiful new designs!

Pet baskets are very popular in our shop. We want to constantly develop in this field. Our company has prepared new designs and brand new coverings of the baskets just for your pets.

We offer two- and three-storey lairs with cushions and decorative bows. Our products are available in three colour versions. You can choose from natural wicker colour, white and wenge. Our baskets are elegant, aesthetically made and extremely decorative. Thanks to that they will look great in every interior. But do not forget about our pets. Buying our baskets you will make a great gift for your cat. It will get a comfortable...

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Wonderful bicycle baskets

Sunny days, increasingly high temperatures and beautiful landscapes – this describes the early summer months. Cycling excursions and outdoors activities are very popular forms of spending free time. However, each trip should be carefully planned. We must choose a route and prepare the bike well. Appropriate equipment is indispensable. One of its elements are bicycle baskets. In such a basket you can comfortably carry a rucksack with snacks and drinks, or a thermos with coffee. If you want to relax on a meadow or in a park, a bike basket can be used to carry a blanket and a good book...

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Time for a picnic!

With the arrival of spring, the picnic season begins. A picnic is an unforgettable time spent with family and friends. To make it not only enjoyable, but also fashionable and comfortable, it is worth choosing the right accessories.

All of us associate a picnic with good food. It needs to be carefully packed and safely transported. A picnic basket is an ideal solution. In our shop you will find baskets in various shapes and sizes. We offer products with lining and lid. They are an ideal protection from grass blades and leaves and prevent food from getting dry...

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