Let’s go shopping!

Let’s go shopping!We are going shopping! No matter whether you love to walk through the supermarket shelves with a smile on your face, wander with childlike amazement through the vast expanses of the supermarket, always falling under the spell of promotions, or wander from shelf to shelf with a look of misery, trying to buy anything in a hurry, just to get out of the maze as quickly as possible - you'll agree with us that it's a ritual that is simply essential!

From now on you can make it even more enjoyable! Imagine your shopping, which perfectly fills the capacious interior of our baskets. Nothing falls over, spills or creases. Cans, bottles, boxes – safely enveloped in the weave of our shopping baskets, waiting for a safe journey home, without feart that something will break, crack or not survive. Even if you are a carrot in Sunday’s broth, an Atlantic salmon that someone’s little mouth will gobble up, even if you are a heroic potato that will be – first peeled, then boiled, and finally smashed and devoured, it will always be better for you in the knowledge that on the way to your destiny you were accompanied by a beautiful wicker shopping basket upholstered in soft fabric.

Ah, the good old wicker basket! What would the story of Little Red Riding Hood be without you! Can you imagine a girl carrying treats for her beloved grandma in some ugly plastic bag? This useless rubbish decompose endlessly, covering our planet with a mantle made of thousands of tons of plastic with impunity, penetrating ocean waters, destroying the environment… Nowadays, taking care of the environment is simply a necessity, and you can start from small things, like using a wicker basket for your everyday shopping, which can become an invaluable companion on your trips to the shop for many years.

So before you set off on your shopping spree, be sure to get yourself a new, beautiful, durable and functional wicker basket. Also, think of someone you could make incredibly happy with such a lovely and practical gift. After all, everyone loves to shop!