Hello, spring!

Hello, spring!Who of us is not longing for spring? Who wouldn't want to chase away the clouds of smog from the horizon, to enjoy with impunity the crystal clear scent of the air, to feel it slowly seeping into your lungs, infecting you with the will to live, when the bad and dull winter will leave in a huff, and the lark will sing its song of farewell... Spring, come!

Who doesn't know the wonderfully overpowering feeling when, with the sun rising ever higher in the sky, you feel like conquering the world, fighting for a better you and your resolutions are stronger than those of New Year. From the very morning you want to run, chase, conquer - you want to enjoy the greenery of grass, the scent of wet meadows, the birdsong. To lose weight. Beat records. To convince your friends, tempting them with the idea of a picnic together somewhere in nature. Or turn someone's head by dreaming of wandering with them in the woods... But whatever degree of oxygen intoxication we enjoy in spring, it is important to remember that this season requires a special setting. No trips in cars. No six cylinders, no horsepower. It's time to dust off that good old bicycle.

Cycling is a serious thing. Everyone, who even for a moment allowed himself to be seduced by the vogue for bicycles, knows it. It is also serious business. Gadgets. Clothes. Equipment.

But the most functional and indispensable element of bicycle equipment is the basket, which, mounted on the handlebars, is like a direction indicator. And it has to be able to hold everyday shopping, your child's favourite toy, sometimes treats for a picnic, sometimes it is just a safe carrier for your phone. Just as we can't imagine life without a bicycle, it's hard to imagine life without a bike basket. Even pop culture iconography refers to these images, attaching to stylised cycling sessions a photograph of a basket filled with lavender flowers, attached to handlebars, with a beautiful lady standing by, basking her face in the sunshine. If you don't like such a romantic look, you will agree that a lovely wicker basket is not only a useful prop for every cyclist, but also adds style and chic to the bike itself. And if you like, you can even take your pet along for the ride. Let him also share in the joy of riding towards the sun, for the sake of health. Cycling has all the advantages - if we add the ecological touch which is extremely important nowadays (fortunately, ecology never goes out of fashion!), happiness is complete. Is there a more successful combination of what is healthy and what is beautiful?

So, before you get on your bike, be sure to get yourself a beautiful basket. Let it be a witness and a companion of your moments full of joy. And now - all of you on your bikes and - ahoy, adventure!