Time for a picnic!

Time for a picnic!With the arrival of spring, the picnic season begins. A picnic is an unforgettable time spent with family and friends. To make it not only enjoyable, but also fashionable and comfortable, it is worth choosing the right accessories.

All of us associate a picnic with good food. It needs to be carefully packed and safely transported. A picnic basket is an ideal solution. In our shop you will find baskets in various shapes and sizes. We offer products with lining and lid. They are an ideal protection from grass blades and leaves and prevent food from getting dry.

For those who take their picnic by bike, we offer a wide range of handlebar-mounted bike baskets. We have models in three colours: natural wicker, white and wenge. For each basket the customer can choose a fabric hem according to his or her preferences.

We invite you to visit our shop and wish you a pleasant rest in the bosom of nature.